About Andreas Galster

About Andreas Galster

Becoming a Relationship Coach

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Chances are you’re either here because your current relationship isn’t working out or you’ve recently had a breakup and you’re in need of advice on how to fix your relationship. Looks like we’ve got something in common!

I didn’t always understand women and I had two left feet when it came to dating and making women feel loved in a relationship. But just like anything in life, relationship skills are something that can be learned and taught, so I decided to change after a pretty harsh breakup with a girl I wanted to marry.

“You wanted to marry her?” you may ask, considering that I had a breakup! It’s not like we all don’t love our girls, right? It’s just that we don’t know what we were doing wrong or how to do things better.

I’ve spent the last year studying hundreds of books on the field of personal development, dating & relationship, attended coaching myself and spent countless hours turning the art into science until I finally got it! Women finally began chasing me, dating became easy and I finally had the context to work with when having problems with a woman.

So I decided to take up a professional coaching course so I could help other men learn that it’s not that hard to succeed in dating, love, sex life & relationships.

You see, sometimes there are men that just seem to have it all and they just seem to know what to do at any moment with a woman. Guess what? That’s absolutely not true! Almost every man has no idea what the heck he’s doing. The majority of them simply don’t understand women because they frankly don’t care. They don’t bother to work on the things that don’t work.

You’re here most likely because you are in pain and you can no longer accept the state of your life. That means you’ve come to a great place and you’ve already got an edge over most men! I can help you take yourself to the next level so that you can be with any woman or get your ex back.

Head to the WORK WITH ME section to find out what it’s like to get coached or check out my IGTV channel below with free video content on improving your love life.

I help men with self-love so they can succeed in life

I am a relationship coach for men but my philosophy to coaching is not just about relationships. Most men fail in their relationships because they fail in their own lives and lack the confidence to attract or keep the perfect woman. I myself had to go from someone who was unfulfilled with his job, who was nearly broke & broken as a person to someone who does things that fulfill him, earning a 5-figure monthly income and having a great circle of friends and activities on a daily basis that brings me happiness.

The road from realizing you’re fucked up to true fulfillment is paved with pain but the pain is worth it in the end.

I’ve learned to succeed with women in part because I’ve learned to succeed in life. Understanding women is only one half of the important puzzle that you need to put together in order to get the woman of your dreams.

I teach about male/female dynamics and how attraction works but all these things won’t matter if you don’t also work on yourself – so any client who comes to me with relationship problems usually ends up drastically improving his health, lifestyle and career while working on his relationship skills. As other areas of your life will improve you’ll see the positive impacts ripple into other areas of your life and most importantly your relationships.

What’s your fucked-up-o-meter?

Let’s face it: Most of us are fucked up in one way or another. I’m part of a weekly self-help men’s group attended by highly efficient and successful men. Chances are most guys in the group are more successful than you are right now. But it doesn’t matter where you’re at right now!

Guess what? Almost nobody in the group has their shit together! We all have struggles that we are trying to overcome. The key is that all of them realize that being vulnerable and opening up helps them become a better man by being honest about what they need to work on or process in their lives in order to grow as a man.

What’s holding you back? Now is as good a time as ever to acknowledge some of your shortcomings and start working on them.

Whether you’ve already figured out what’s holding you back or you just know something isn’t right but you’re not yet 100% sure, I can help you discover what it is and work on it so you can live a fulfilled life.

Head to the “WORK WITH ME” section to find out what coaching with me is like. You’re a good fit for working with me if you need help with some of these issues:

  • You are too shy too approach women or always seem to say or do the wrong things if you get the chance to talk to a woman
  • Women always leave you after a short period of dating and you have no idea what went wrong with the girl
  • You constantly seek approval from others and especially from women
  • You are always fighting with your girlfriend, fiance or wife. You have no idea how to fix it and are afraid that she is going to leave you soon
  • You or your partner have been cheating or you are talking to other women and you want to know what you should do
  • You are afraid to pursue some of your goals and often make excuses
  • Even when you set goals you rarely achieve what you set out to do
  • You think that most men are of higher quality than you are


I have been teaching men how to become an exceptional in order to attract & understand women for more than 2 years. I’ve produced a huge content respository on the subject and helped dozens of clients improve their lives. Here are a few numbers to give you an idea why you can trust me to be your coach. 


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